Stephen Mayeux

ESL Teacher Turned Full Stack JavaScript Developer


A blog I made when I was teaching English as a Second Language at the University of California Davis. Tired of the bland materials I had to use, I created ESLhiphop so that I could share my passion for hip-hop while also teaching grammar and vocabulary.

Made with WordPress with custom PHP and CSS.

ESL Hip Hop

My Skype Teacher

In early 2014, I suddenly needed to supplement my income, and I had to act quick. Good thing I used my tech skills to attract students to my online English lessons. Even though this side business is no longer active, I was able to pull in about $2,500. That's a lot of grammar!

Made with HTML5, CSS3, and Twitter Bootstrap.

My Skype Teacher

Free Code Camp

I am currently learning Full Stack JavaScript Development with Free Code Camp! I've already attained their Front End Development Certificate, and I'm expected to complete their Back End Development Certificate by March 2016.

You can view my official certificate, 50+ algorithm solutions, and front end projects at my Free Code Camp profile page.

Free Code Camp

Node.js Blog

This is one of my first Full Stack JavaScript projects. It's a blog made with love using Node.js, Express, and MongoDB. No registration is required! You can add new categories and posts as well as sort by category.

Side Note: This app is still currently in development mode, and load times will vary.

Stephen's Node.js Blog

Web Socket Chat Room

A very simple chat room made with Node.js and With fewer than a hundred lines of JavaScript, this chat room is blazing fast! No registration is required to use the chat room. Simply open the application in two seperate windows or share the URL with a friend and start chatting!

Simple Node JS Chat Room

User Authentication with Express

Lightning fast user registration and login system. Access control is handled with the Passport module. Uses Node.js and Express on the server and securely stores users' information with Bcrypt. All user information is encrypted on an instance of MongoDB and Mongoose.

In this app, you can create a new user account in order to access the members-only area. Side note: There isn't any content on the site, but the functionality is all there.

User Authentication

MEAN To-Do List

This MEAN stack to-do list has several agile user stories. First of all, you can add and delete items to the to-do list. In addition, you can mark which tasks have been completed and hide all completed tasks. No registration is required.

Made with AngularJS, MongoDB, and the exciting, new Meteor JavaScript framework.

To Do List